Leadership U for Humanity

Change must happen. Confronting systemic racism, underrepresentation, and inequality needs much more than words. It demands action. For organizations, that action is driving diversity and inclusion, starting at the top.

Our commitment

The global population needs more diverse leaders in organizations to drive change from within—only then will ideas and actions gain momentum.

This is the Leadership U for Humanity vision—to be a catalyst for the diverse leaders of tomorrow. Leaders who bring diverse backgrounds and experiences to the table. Leaders who champion conscious inclusion. Who celebrate and empower difference. Because diverse organizations are just better. They make better decisions, grow faster, expand more, and are more profitable. Benefitting not only businesses but underrepresented people across the world.

Leadership U for Humanity, through the Korn Ferry Charitable Foundation, combines the best of Korn Ferry’s experience in developing leaders with support and guidance from our community partners and corporate sponsors.

we are committing to developing 1 million new leaders in the next five years
we are committing to developing 1 million new leaders in the next five years

What we are doing

Leadership U for Humanity is a leadership program developed by Korn Ferry for the Korn Ferry Charitable Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Foundation provides Leadership U for Humanity at no cost to participants. It has one goal, to give professionals of color and underrepresented populations more opportunities. Through our scalable career development program, future leaders will have free access to:

Our partnerships

We are proud to share the following organizations as our Leadership U for Humanity community partners.

Executive Leadership Council Air Force Sergeant's Association National Naval Officers Association Women in America Ascend Out & Equal Leading Hispanics in STEM

Get involved

Your support will help make this initiative result in real change. Make a difference. Partner with us to further the cause of diversity, and let’s end systemic racism in business.